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Clinical research centers can register their site for free.

Once your registration is approved by gotoprotocol (we want to make sure only legitimate research sites are included), you will be able to list information about your site including current studies, IRB approved marketing and screening tools for your site in general and specific studies, and contact information.

You choose which registered members on gotoprotocol can access your site’s information helping you keep staff and potential referral sources up-to-date on currently enrolling studies. It’s easy to register and update information, and, best of all, free.

Each site/investigator is required to use his or her own IRB of record and must follow the requirements of that investigator’s IRB, including using only documents reviewed and approved by that IRB.

Site Registration Fields

List any information about your site you want available to your colleagues or referral sources.
Profile Information includes any information you wish to share with members about your site such as staff experience, performance history, areas of expertise and additional contact information.
If you want your information listed for all registered members of gotoprotocol, check here. Otherwise it will be available only to your staff or invited colleagues.
Each location may be added as a new research site. You may add more research sites by logging in once your account is approved.