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Have Your Studies Accessible Anytime, Anywhere.
Gotoprotocol is an easy, free, secure website and mobile app that allows you to stay up-to-date on clinical research trials in your area of interest and to conveniently connect to researchers and research sites you know and trust.

You follow only the studies and/or research sites you want. You can choose studies or sites of interest and can be "invited" to follow a study by a group or colleague that you have a relationship with. There is an easy –to- use "one-click" referral button that will give information to potential research subjects on appropriate studies or direct the research site to contact the subject directly, with the subject’s consent.

Gotoprotocol is an effective tool to help the healthcare community become reengaged in the clinical trial experience which can help you, your patients, and their families have the opportunity to take advantage of new, potentially helpful therapies and help bring new treatment options to market.

Many in the healthcare community have been disengaged from the clinical research community. Gotoprotocol bridges that gap.

Clinical trial success has been affected by more restrictive and complex protocols, recruitment challenges, non-compliant subjects, and the “professional” research subject who may not represent “real-world patients” who could benefit from new treatments being studied. By getting the healthcare community more involved, healthcare professionals can stay current on new scientific developments and help advance new treatment options by referring more appropriate subjects to actively recruiting studies.

Gotoprotocol can help healthcare professionals become more involved in conducting clinical research trials. Gotoprotocol is a great tool to allow you to track your referrals to clinical research studies and demonstrate your interest in research as well as your ability to access appropriate subjects in your area of interest to sponsors of studies.


  • No more rummaging through hundreds of pages of loosely bound protocol notebooks.

  • Relevant Enrollment Criteria

  • Marketing Materials for Potential Subjects and Health Care Professionals

  • Study Contact Information

  • Important Study Updates

  • Much more...

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  • +_icon Inclusion Criteria
  • Minus_icon Exclusion Criteria
  • Files_icon Marketing Materials
  • Med_icon Allowed Medications
  • Nomed_icon Prohibited Medications
  • Event_icon Schedule of Events
  • Notes_icon Training
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